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Alicante - Airport - Torrevieja public transport system

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Alicante - Airport - Torrevieja public transport system

This service offers 8 round trips a day, 365 days a year

Download and print the Torrevieja-Alicante airport bus service.

This service offers 8 round trips without any stops, 365 days a year.

Torrevieja to Airport:
7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00
Airport toTorrevieja: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00
Departure and arrival (in Torrevieja): From Torrevieja bus station. Calle del Mar, 50
Departure and arrival (in Alicante Airport): 2nd Floor (see picture below)
Ticket Price: € 6.92
Children under 4 years free (ID required)
Pensioners: 30% discount. Requires accreditation by submitting Social Security card.
This discount only applies to pensioners living in the Valencia region.
To prove that you are a pensioner, you must be over 65 and present your NIE, DNI or residence card, which must confirm that you are a resident of the community of Valencia.
Handicap accessible: Yes
Free Wifi: YES
Luggage space: YES
Tickets sale (in Torrevieja): Torrevieja bus station (calle de Mar, 50)
Tickets sale (in Alicante Airport): In the same bus at the airport (pay the driver). No pre-book needed.
Journey time: 50 minutes
Phone Torrevieja bus station:  Call 96 571 01 46 saying you have been forwarded by

The route selected will run inland via the A-7 highway instead of following the N-332 route, thus avoiding traffic delays on the N-332, especially during the summer months.

NOTE: This webpage is updated frequently with information on the bus service between Torrevieja and Alicante airport.

Location Bus Stop in Alicante Airport


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Martine 17 December, 2015 12:47:12
Can i take the bus with a bike , the bike is put in the luguage.
I wil stay in las heredades. Can i take a bus from torriejva to las heredades?
Do You have the hours from the bus to heredades also?

Thanks for the information. We will travel the 30 december.

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Anouk 23 September, 2015 01:02:48

next week i'm going to Alicante airport and then i have to go to Torrevieja with the bus. Does anyone know where i can buy the bus ticket?

Thank you
06 June, 2017 11:14:04
You can buy the ticket when you get on the bus
24 September, 2015 04:37:52
Ticket is bought from the bus driver, just under 7 euros
Geeta 28 January, 2015 09:34:03
Hi there

I'm coming back to Torrevieja in August but the flight doesn't get in until 11.25 pm, so there are no buses.
Can anyone recommend a good / cheap taxi company or another way to get into town without spending a fortune? The transfers are all coming in at around £115 plus.
Thank you.
01 April, 2015 09:43:39
You can pre book a taxi to pick you up from airport. Look on airport website or google taxi Alicante elche airport. It lists prices, to Torrevieja 60€ 22-6 am special rate.
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Sandra Templeman 04 January, 2015 07:17:10
If anyone has taken public transport from Alicante airport to Villamartin would you mind kindly sharing any information with me. I usually hire a car but for 5 weeks this summer price is crazy so I am looking into other ways to get from A to B. Have never used public transport here before so any help you could throw my way would be very much appreciated indeed. My flights are usually night time around midnight.

Many thanks in advance.
declan 16 June, 2015 02:02:15
This link explains more
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declan benham 16 June, 2015 01:52:33
Sandra, I have just come back from Spain (El Galan) near Villamartin
The blue bus takes you from La Zenia boulevard and does a circular route, you go up to Villamartin near the Golf course, just be careful though as we waited for a bus on Saturday only to be told buses don't run on a Saturday outside of peak months (which I believe are July / August), also Sunday schedules are affected too.You can get a bus from Alicante town which stops in Playa Flamenca (town Hall) and also Cabo Roig, but this is not from the airport.
Be interested to know how you go on as I am looking for a dedicated service from Alicante to Villamartin way myself as Murcia airport is closing.
I tend to go June / September so will be looking for flights that arrive on a weekday in future
10 January, 2015 10:06:00
Hi. The bus I use if not hiring a car is Quickair. On this website, select Services on the toolbar at the top of the page. This gives you the times of the buses to Torrevieja. They start at 8am and arrive/depart from the airport every 2hrs. They are punctual and don't wait. This website also provides the location of the bus stop to wait at. However, basically, turn right past the car hire places Goldcar etc after you leave customs, you will see the lift and the escalators. Go up to Level 2. Go outside and turn immediate right. The bus stop with a large sign where all the Public Service buses stop is there. The service is very good and takes you straight to Torrevieja bus station. If you have a wait you will notice a Costa Coffee along a bit for people watching as you wait. You pay the driver it is about 7 euros. There is plenty room for cases etc. Once at Torrevieja bus station the driver will tell you where the stance is for the bus you need. It is usually stance 5 if my memory serves me and next to the stance where the airport bus stops. Take this bus to either La Zenia Boulevard or Orhuila Costa Town Hall. The driver will tell you when you have reached there It cost about 1.35 euros. At La Zenia or Orhuila Costa town hall the Blue Line Bus stops there that will take you to VillaMartin. (1 15euros) Or get a taxi. It sounds a bit fiddly but you are in the sunshine and there is a small bar and tapas at the bus station while you wait. The drivers are used to tourists and I have always found them very helpful. The alternative is to get the bus from the Airport (same bus stop) to Alicante Bus Station. You can get a bus there straight to La Zenia Boulevard or the Town Hall, without the need to stop/change at Torrevieja. You can then catch the small local bus (Blue Line) at La Zenia Boulevard or Town Hall to Villamartin. 1 euro 35. Or catch a taxi. Again, the driver will tell you if this is the correct bus and also which stop to get off if you ask.
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Ewan Ferris 26 September, 2014 01:09:51
Hi Angela can you confirm if the Alicante to Cartagena stops at the La Zenia Boulevard or does it only stop on the N332?
Pam 11 August, 2014 07:30:20

We'd really like to use this service to go to Villamartin. Can we get a bus transfer in Torrevieja to go to Villamartin using the Blue Line of Public Transit there?

If so, how do we go about getting the transfer?
Steve Burnham 05 September, 2014 08:33:19
The bus goes to the bus station in Torrevieja. You can easily get a bus to Villamartin.
10 January, 2015 10:13:45
Hi. Can you clarify which bus goes direct from Torrevieja Bus Station to Villamartin? I have always had to get the bus from Torrevieja Bus Station to La Zenia Boulevard or the Town Hall then had to change to the local bus (Blue Line) to Villamartin. I am not aware of a direct bus from Torrevieja to Villamartin.
sven 05 August, 2014 09:15:27
I live in benijofar are the bus driving 332 or ap 7 , is it solamente non stop trip , or is it possible to stop in guardamar or quesada
alan 30 December, 2014 08:33:24
Hello/I wonder if you could help we are going to Playa flamenca ,could we catch a bus straight from the airport,or will we're have to change buses
Thank you Alan
nancy brown 22 July, 2014 01:45:59
what is the name of the bus going from alicante airport to torrevieja? like in the uk we have numbers on the buses, what do we look out for to make sure its ther right bus?
23 July, 2014 11:38:00
Hi there is no number but the bus stop is just outside the exit from the 2nd floor where the departure is !!!
Roseta58 21 June, 2014 07:54:55
The bus service is great! I started using it early 2014. Will continue to do so.
Always on time. Comfortable and reasonably priced.

Would be good if there was one later than 10pm from Alicante to Torre.
Ian Mc Mahon 16 June, 2014 05:40:49
I am staying in La Mata in Aug this year, i am looking to get from La Mata to Alicante airport. Do you know if the bus stops in la mata or will i have to travel to torrevieja bus station? and then go back on ourselfs towards the airport?
Glenys 22 June, 2014 11:59:33
We jumped the airport bus to Torreveija and got a taxi back to La Mata.

It was relaxing, stress-free, and we will do it again next time. Just get off the bus and walk through the arch - there's a small cafe - and a taxi rank. Cost us about 9 Euros. Well worth it.

21 June, 2014 03:18:05
Have to go back on youself as bus is direct to bus station via motorway.
Tracey Smith 19 June, 2014 11:11:00
Yes, you will have to pick it up from Torrevieja. The route is non-stop from Torrevieja to Alicante and goes along the A-7 Highway to avoid the traffic on the coastal N332
Alexander McGarrity 12 June, 2014 05:30:34
Does anyone know if there a bus goes by LA Zenia
Angela Doyle 15 June, 2014 03:08:07
yes the bus from Alicante to Cartagena goes through La Zenia and coming from Cartagena to Alicante goes to Zenia Boulvard and La Zenia too.
Helen 07 May, 2014 09:31:33
Does anyone know if the buses from the airport always runs on time? If they are late, we might be able to catch the bus. Helén
07 May, 2014 09:16:45
Always on time.
Janice Walker 07 May, 2014 06:57:12
Hi Helen,

We have used the bus loads of times and it has not been late once, sorry if that doesn't help you, but you can always just wait and have a glass of wine while waiting. OR you could always take the bus into Alicante and change to Torrevieja Bus at the bus station.Janice
Jim 07 May, 2014 03:16:51
Helen - we have used this service on a number of occasions and they have always been on time. In fact last time we used it our plane was late landing and we missed the bus by 2 minutes and had to wait another 2 hours for the next one. So I wouldn't rely on it being late.
Fergal Murray 18 April, 2014 02:55:25
I used it for the 1st time last night and will be using it in future. Great service. It would be handy if they could drop off as I live in Los Montesinos, but it is express. Great value
Glenys 08 April, 2014 08:11:41
We are visiting La Mata next month. Car hire is out of the question this time as we don't have credit cards so we are going to chance the bus. We will look to take the bus from the Airport direct to Torreveija, then jump a taxi back to La Mata (Calle San Sebastian). Taxi site is currently quoting about £5 for the journey.

It will be the first time on a bus in a country other than UK.
16 April, 2014 06:15:55
Bus works well easy & cheap. Runs every 2 hours costa coffee stand next to bus stop, so if you have a wait it's good.
09 April, 2014 04:41:33
Service is great used it a few times Bridget
Kai 20 March, 2014 08:55:46
How do I know which bus I have to take from Torrevevieja bus station (Calle del Mar 50) to Calle Fuego? Do you have a map where are bus routs on? It is 10-12 km, so I am not going to walk with children. Thank you so much for your answer
Nicole 17 March, 2014 05:25:51
Hi! We arrived to airport in 23 August at 19.30 with the flight Madrid-Alicante. We must go to Torrevieja but we have only 30 minutes for get out to the airplane and. get in the bus. It's possible? Thanks
15 April, 2014 11:33:57
It's worth asking around when you get to Spain as there are quite a few car hire companies around that are taking cash nowadays.
Maria 20 March, 2014 12:55:00
I don´t know but I have only 15 minutes time to find a bus to Torrevieja. It soud impossible but I`ll tried.
Sue 11 March, 2014 11:47:27
Me and family goin in 28 days are these bus times upto date. We will be landing at 1035 and haven't a clue as to where to get the bus at the airport.
avatar 12 March, 2014 10:03:00
Yes, this information it´s updated.

When you arrive, it´s very easy to find Quick air Torrevieja BUS. You must follow the directions.
Jef 14 February, 2014 06:26:08
Does anyone know if pets transported in a waterproof sealed bag, are allowed on the bus from Alicante Airport to Torrevieja?
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avatar 22 October, 2013 04:30:37
It´s very easy. You only must to read the full article (before post a comment)
Dekker 22 October, 2013 02:05:32
I will be coming over on 16th Nov 2013, flight will land about 8pm, anyone know what time the bus runs from airport at?
Janice Gray 24 October, 2013 02:02:22
The bus runs from Alicante Airport on the even hours, ie. 8, 10, 12noon, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10pm is the last bus. The cost is 6.29 euros.
pauline oliver 19 September, 2013 10:00:01
I hope to visit in late October this year. Will this Alicante airport - Torrevieja bus be running then? If so do you have a copy of the timetable?
Hire taxi for Luton airport 06 August, 2013 07:40:24
The best taxi services are provided for passenger's at any time and day in a week.I really impressed with your service.
Niccan 18 March, 2013 10:56:50
Is there any information on the bus going to Orihuela costa from the Alicante airport?
This would be a pretty good alternative for me, depending where i stops on the costa....

Thanks for keeping us updated!!
laurieb 06 January, 2013 05:04:13
WHAT ACCREDITATION DOES ONE NEED FOR BUS Pensioners disciunt 30% folks!! Do the grumpy driver need NIE No,s or what?? Happy New Year ALL ,and to you grumpy!!
Emily 09 August, 2012 11:58:55
what is the address that the bus drops off at?
avatar 09 August, 2012 01:26:34
Torrevieja bus station. Calle del Mar, 50

(please, read the full article)
avatar 31 July, 2012 12:50:04
You can pick the bus in the same terminal called ARRIVALS
Ann 30 July, 2012 08:22:08
When we arrive at Alicante Airport where do we go to pick up the bus for Torrevieja Thanking you
Andrew Westacott 15 August, 2012 11:09:04
When you arrive at alicante airport just go upstairs to main road / taxi & bus stop and it's big and plain to see the pull-in for the Torrevieja bus, it also has a stand with the times of buses in both directions...hope this is useful.
avatar 11 July, 2012 01:12:59
Please, check the new timetable from july 2012.
andrew pringle 10 July, 2012 04:38:55
Hi, me, my wife and two kids (4 and 7) arrive at 19.15 on Saturday and was wondering what time the last bus leaves alicante, we would hopefully make the 8pm one but just incase the luggage is slow coming out! Thanks, Andy.
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silke 02 July, 2012 02:34:05
bus airport alicante-torrevieja started from first of july at 7 am to 10 pm was at the station last week saludos from germany
Betty 16 May, 2012 12:10:37
Any one know if the Torrevieja bus to Alicante airport will start again at 7am
avatar 26 March, 2012 11:40:29
We have consulted with the authorities and tell us that currently is not possible to create a prepaid card for the bus, but it will have in mind for upcoming revisions to the bus system.
Rob 26 March, 2012 09:58:04
Is it possible to buy a prepaid bus pass to use on the local bus services around Torrevieja. If so, how much? Most bus companies in the U.K. Have such schemes. I am sure it would be popular with visitors who come to Torrevieja, and do not qualify for the Citizen card.
Paul Brady 20 February, 2012 08:34:40
Reply to Ann's post from on 14 February, 2012 11:23:30:
Ann, what sort of property are you seeking. My parents have property in Torrevieja that they may be looking to sell if you're interested?
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ANN 14 February, 2012 11:23:30
We are hoping to buy a property in Torrevieja.We are flying out there in late feb 2012 will this bus service be running if so it will make all the difference to whether we go there or not because nobody does coach transfers.
anita edwards 19 January, 2012 01:19:26
We have been using this bus service since it first started and it is brilliant. Long may it continue. If your flight lands between departures, a relaxing coffee in the airport will soon pass the time and once on the bus it is a very speedy journey. The journey from torrevieja to the aiport is equally as good.
john 14 January, 2012 06:09:10
Bad news.. cheapest flights are early in the morning or in the night... but I think also that taxi drivers could have complained about this sevirce... or it's just about the amount of users that it's not worth? Maybe it would be fine to have 2 time tables. Winter an summer with buses until midnight for example.
Marie 30 December, 2011 02:59:47
The new timetable is ok for me anyway. Thank goodness they have not stopped it! The bus was quite empty when we used it in Nov and Dec. I think one stop along the way would probably increase the number of people using it and not lenghten the journey by very much
Geoffrey Nicklin 03 December, 2011 07:48:57
Will the Alicante airport to Torrevieja bus still be operating in January 2012
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Isabella Palmer 28 November, 2011 07:03:50
We are coming over to Torrevieja in Feb next year. Does anyone know if the bus will still be running them. thanks
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