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S-61 Delfin submarine floating museum

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S-61 Delfin submarine floating museum

Offers people the possibility of visiting the interior of a submarine and imagine how the members of its crew used to live inside the same.

The “S-61 Delfin” Submarine. A peace, culture and community union ship expressing the depth of our sailor roots. The Delfin is a Daphne class submarine given by the Spanish army to the Torrevieja’s Council, thus becoming the “first floating museum” of its type in our country.

Our sailor traditions and our relations with the Spanish Army took us to give, on 1 December 1974, the combat flag to the S-61 Delfin submarine. When it had to be discharged, the Ministry of Defence decided to give the last S-61 flag to the town of Torrevieja during a moving ceremony celebrated at the Cartagena’s Arsenal. Later on, the submarine was definitely handed over.

Thanks to the Museo del Mar y de la Sal (the Sea and Salt Museum) the Delfin Submarine became, since 8 May 2004, the first Spanish Army ship to become a floating museum, offering all people visiting the same the opportunity to discover the inside of a submarine and imagine how the members of its crew used to live inside the same. The Delfin submarine is based in the Torrevieja’s harbour and has become a part of its landscape, having received over 1,300,000 visits since it was inaugurated.  

Opening hours:
From 7th January to 19th June:  de 10:00 h. a 14:00 h.
From 29th June to 28th Augusto: 
de 17:30 h. a 22:30 h.
From 31th August to 18th December: 
de 10:00 h. a 14:00 h.

Holy Week Opening hours:
Open from 23th to 27th in the same timetable.

Closed days: FESTIVOS, Monday and Tuestay.
Holy week, from 20th to 26th June by maintenance task.
From 19th december 2016 to 6th January 2017.
Price: 2€
Minimum height to enter and visit the submarine: 1,15 meters
Telephone: please call and mention you have been recommended by to the number 966 704 643
Closed on May and June for maintenance task



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Martin Devlin 05 May, 2016 08:05:54
I got locked into this submarine today, seriously I'm not joking. For almost 50 years I have had a fascination about submarines and finding one open to the public here in Spain was like a dream come true for me. This attraction is open from 10am till 2pm but today someone decided to close up early at about 12.15 with me still inside. The first I knew of the problem was when I returned to the torpedo room to find the hatch closed. As there were three other hatches within the boat I retraced my steps to find they were all secured and padlocked from the inside. On making my way back to the torpedo room the lights went out. Fortunately there was emergency lighting fitted and these gave some level of illumination for me to retrace my steps and climb the stairs to the hatch. While trying to work out how to open it I heard what I thought was someone on the deck outside. I started banging on the stair rail and shouting in the hope of being heard. Within a short time (although it felt like a very long time) the hatch cover opened and the gentleman who had checked my ticket prior to me boarding peered down on me with a somewhat surprised look on his face. I climbed up onto the deck thanked the man in my faltering Spanish and walked down the gangplank. On my way back to the car the realization hit me that if I had been a a little later returning to the torpedo room then this man could have left the boat and it would have been unlikely that anyone would have heard me never mind being aware that I was locked inside. It also dawned on me that the possibility of getting a mobile signal inside the subs steel hull was remote. By the time I reached where my car was parked my heart was racing with am mixture of shock and anger. I decided to drive back to where to where we were staying in La Mata and went straight to the Tourist office where I knew staff spoke English and reported the incident. The official I spoke to was shocked at what had happened and promised to take the matter further by informing senior officials of the incident.
As the day wore on I have to ask myself why the boat was not checked by those who were in a position of responsibility to make sure there were no visitors still on board prior to closing the hatch. I dread to think of the upset my partner could have been subjected to if I had failed to return back to the apartment as the likely hood of her being able to contact me on my mobile would have been remote. Looking back on the experience it's something that should never have happened in the first place.
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02 March, 2017 10:55:10
What year approx was this manufactured?
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Michael Lee 07 April, 2014 08:36:31
I have been on the submarine 5 times with different members of my family and friends and enjoyed every visit. I always notice something I have missed before. The two guides have always made the visit interesting and entertaining, I would recommend a visit to anybody
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Andy 07 January, 2013 12:08:23
Visited this last year, well worth the time and the kids loved it, how often will you get the chance to see a nuclear sub up close and personal
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Karl 03 March, 2017 03:19:50
Isnt a Nuclear submarine. They don't hand over Nuclear submarines to civilian control
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