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Thread: Recognised Spanish Language Qualifications

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    Does anyone know what Spanish language exams you can take either in the UK or Spain, which are recognised by Spanish employers etc? For example, I am going to take NVQ here, would that be recognised in Spain? I know there is a qualification in Spain for Spanish as a Second Language, maybe someone (Jane C?) knows what level is required and where you can study/take the exam.

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    There is an exam system entitled "Diplomas de Espa˝ol como Lengua Extranjera" (DELE - Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) which is organised by the Instituto de Cervantes in conjunction with the University of Salamanca. I suppose it is the nearest equivalent in Spanish language to University of Cambridge (UCLES) English as a Foreign Language exams. There are three levels, Initial, Basic and Superior. They involve reading comprehension, written expression, aural understanding, grammar and vocabulary and oral expression components. The exams can be taken in Leeds, London and Manchester in the UK and in most Spanish regional capitals.

    You can get more information from: Instituto Cervantes, 102 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AN. Tel: 207 235 0353 e-mail

    What I don't know is how recognised this qualification is officially. As far as I know in state employment in Spain the only qualification recognised is the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas which can only be taken in Spain and is a very heavy-going grammatical course which takes several years to work through.

    I think most employers would be more interested in testing your communication skills for themselves rather than going on qualifications.


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    Default Spanish Qualifications

    Thank you for the excellent information Jane, just what I was looking for. Should keep me occupied through my semi retired state, which hopefully will commence later this year. I will get in touch with Cervantes, gracias y hasta luego.

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    You can sit them in Belfast too. I'm embarking on A2 in September year and was considering DELE intermedio for 2007/08. The recommended entry levels are as follows:

    DELE INICIAL (Intermediate Level)
    Applicants should have gained a grade A*/ A at GCSE or a good AS level or have achieved an equivalent standard.
    DELE INTERMEDIO (Advanced Level)
    Applicants should have gained a grade A or B at A Level or have achieved an equivalent standard.
    DELE SUPERIOR (Proficiency Level)
    A degree or equivalent in Spanish or have achieved an equivalent standard.

    Beware. The examinations are certainly not easy. The pass rates for English speakers last year were as follows:

    Nivel inicial : 61%

    Nivel intermedio : 59%

    Nivel superior: 39%

    Good luck!


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