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Thread: Furniture and Furniture Packages

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    We popped over to spain last week ,with the intention of looking at furniture amongst other things , we too came away with very few answers, we went to arca's in calle goleta in torrevieja and unfortunately could only see half the furniture as they are having building done, what we did see didnt impress us too much.
    At the end of the same road is a small danish furniture shop just opened in November of last year ,the young lady owner was very helpful and there was some decent gear in there.
    I had the manager of DFS in San Javier on the phone today and he sounded very helpful , We plan to visit them when we go back over in April, has anyone been to DFS and seen what they have on offer as I would be very interested as with other furniture places

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    Quote Originally Posted by GED
    I used my voucher at Arca instead of purchasing the free furniture packs or upgrading which believe me are over priced .I looked around including Almoradi (furniture mile) etc. and got what suited me in the end ,and am pleased with what I paid. I also later found out that the white goods I got from Arca using my voucher where actually cheaper in Carrefour so lost out even using my Arca voucher as Carrefour also deliver and install , take your time and look around or you will lose out.

    When you went to Carrefour how long did it take them to deliver the items you purchased?

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    ordered from carrefour on tuesday and they deliver to different areas on specific days, so I got all stuff delivered and fitted on the friday morning , so 2 to 3 days for me.


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