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Thread: live music/gigs in Torrevieja area

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    Default live music/gigs in Torrevieja area


    I am visiting the area for 2 weeks in July and was wondering if there are any venues in Torrevieja that put on gigs/touring for indie/rock/pop type bands.

    Any info/website addresses are appreciated.


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    No mate, there isnt many bars in Torrevieja area that puts on live bands of any description, let alone touring bands. God forbid they play anything other than blues or cheesy covers. The only English bar that plays a goth band is Pirate in Playa Flamenca. There is another small bar in Torre that plays local metal/goth bandsvery occaisionally...but alas, Torrevieja is a tad barran of any other out lets. Murcia gets a few touring bands and has a strong underground music scene, as does Alicante itself, and there are a few bars in Orihuela, Rojales, Cartagena etc that put on good, regular gigs, but they are mainly Spanish(obviously).

    If you need any more help.....bring a load of cd's on your visit. Remember, Torrevieja is a retirement home.

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    You will find a new live music bar on the top floor of the Playa Flamenca commercial centre, called PHOENIX NIGHTZ. Live entertainment every night at 10pm. Great venue, great athmosphere and fantastic lighting, attracting a more responsable crowd and does not appear to attract the teenagers. If you had previously visited "Pirate Bar" (now closed), you will now catch up with Pirate Charlie at Phoenix Nightz. The weekly program is:
    Monday: "The Knights" with Alan Warden and Sheppy on vocals, Charlie Farley on lead guitar and Ziggy on drums. Great rocking night.
    Tuesday: Jam night ( open to all) or guest band.
    Wednesday: Karaoke with Radio DJ Robo
    Thursday: " The Knights" with Alan, Sheppy, Charlie and Ziggy
    Friday: Rock classic duo: "Two Risky"
    Saturday: "The Faith", fun rock band, these are a must to be seen with a second set twist, when they dress up and put on make-up and bring the place to a rock frenzy." The Faith" has got to be the number 1 band to see.
    Sunday: Karaoke night with radio DJ Robo.
    "PHOENIX NIGHTZ" is everything that Pirate bar was and made it ten times better. An amazing venue not to be missed.

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    Default Band in Torrevieja region

    Ghost Promotions

    Have a look at this web site, this group have been performing in the area for a few years. The site gives dates and locations of gigs

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    Not much happening on the indie scene at all. You missed out on Munroes' 20th birthday rock fest a couple of weeks back!

    However, there are number of decent cover bands coming to the area, at the likes of the lounge bar, but nothing special for gigging bands.



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    Default Live bands

    Check out PDQ-LIVE Loads of places to go and see live music.


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