Torrevieja webcam location - keeper bar - Juan Aparicio promenade Webcam located in Paseo Juan Aparicio - Terraza de Keeper Bar WebCam location

webcam Torrevieja location

The webcam bits records with more than 1.000 visitors per day in its first year.

Last Saturday, the tourist webcam installed at the Juan Aparicio promenade in collaboration with a local hotel and catering businessman celebrated its first year.

The success key for this webcam is mainly due to its location, for the webcam shows a lovely and beautiful picture of the Juan Aparicio promenade, right at the beginning of this one, showing at the same time, the daily commonplace crossing of thousands of persons. The good quality of the image and the chance to clearly watch pedestrians faces has been the key for the success of this webcam so visitors get hooked on it.
According to the manager of the Keeper Bar, Mr. Angel Garcia, there are people who come every day to this webcam place to wave at their families in England and in other countries.

There have been even those who come with banners to greet a friends birthday thats living in the United States. As he says: They stand facing the webcam at any time and they call their friends and relatives from the mobile phone to be seen. The tables on the corner are always busy by those who wait for their friends to give them a call to tell them they are watching them on the webcam.

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