View Full Version : Pay Estate Agent 10% Deposit Query

10-13-2005, 02:48 PM
We are looking at leasing a business, now we have finally made our choice, the estate agent is currently asking for 1000 to take it off the market, and then 10% Deposit in 7 days time. Although we do not understand Spanish law, We have never paid any estate agent any money back in the UK. I have queried this with them and they say that it is normal practice here. Is this Correct or should I be instructing a lawyer and paying him instead?

Thanks In Advance.

Expert advisor
10-17-2005, 10:38 AM
In response to your message, please note that agreements between you and the agents are stated in the private contract you should have with the agents. Having that in mind, please note that it is a normal practise in contracts for leasing of a business to establish a deposit which may correspond to 2 rental months which are paid in anticipation and kept as a deposit. However, this depends greatly on the agreements reached between both parties.

Should you have any more queries, we will be pleased to assit you at our offices in Torrevieja.