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David Stuart
10-22-2007, 09:29 AM
I completed the purchase of my property in Orihuela Costa on 25.1.2006. In September 2007 IBI Suma was paid through the bank by Direct Debit. I am non-resident, this is my only property and I do not rent it out. I cannot come to Spain until next year but my parents are visiting next month.I have downloaded and printed a copy of form 214.
Could I please ask:-
1. Do I pay IRNI and Patrimonio for the whole year of 2006 or only for the 11 months I owned the property?
2. Do I use the Valor Catastral figure shown on the 2007 IBI Suma bill?
3. If I complete and sign the "copy" 214 form will my parents be able to take this to Orihuela to obtain the Tarjetas and pay the tax at a Spanish bank?
4. Is the tax rate 24% or 25%?
Thank you

Expert advisor
11-12-2007, 10:37 AM
1. You pay for the 11 months the IRNI and the whole year of 2006 for the Patrimonio.
2. The catastral value is used for the calculation of the income tax(IR). However you have to use the higher value between the price on the purchase Deeds and the catastral value for the Wealth tax (Patrimonio)
3. Your parents will be able to take the tax form to Orihuela on your behalf.
4. The tax rate is 25%.

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