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12-18-2007, 09:22 PM
Do you want to have 800+ Nintendo DS games (full games not demos) for the price of less than 2....

The card also allows you to play music and video on your Nintendo DS

for 75....I will provide you with a card that fits in the DS Lite game cartridge slot and lets you play all the DS games...I will also burn all the games ,which include all the latest ones, onto DVD's for you...the card has a 2Gb memory (which will hold at least 25-30 games on it) and I will preinstall 15 games on it for you...the kit also includes a usb connector and a cartridge which allows you to connect the DS to your pc to allow you to take the games on and off the card.

for more info please email me here or at markayers67@hotmail.com

many thanks