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01-19-2009, 06:46 PM
hi every one
i have a new show coming soon

and im needing some people to star in the opening
i need males and females from age 35-100 yeras old
-role-you must be able to act or act as commanded on set,grumpy,misserable,angry

make up normal,none, work type
clothes you must have a theme like.buissiness man/woman -brief case and all,butcher,hairdressers,old grumpy ladys and men,gardeners,teachers just normal every day people..but you will have to be willing to go the whole way like builder ie.hat work belt tools every thing a typical...will wear(but no logo stuff) be creative and think what you would like to be posh lady/man whatever just let me no

we will also be needing hairstylists and make up artist,photographers and cameramen(we always need more)we also need handymen,runners and helper from the age of 14 +.

we will also be needing a sponser of a costume shop/fancy dress to sponser us of thier costumes (this will be one of our main sponsers and we will be needing to use you for the whole series

unfortunatly this is a non profiable show so we will not b able to pay for any of your services but we will greatly apprieciate it if you can help.

this is NOT a fake this a real kids programme and we will be needing all the above soo please give me a call on 622297179 or email me and just tell us the service you will be willing to offer(when calling please specify for wollys world)

all persons,animals and objects will be taking part at thier own risk and we will not be held for any responsability of damage or injury of persons,animals or objects.