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michael walsh
02-23-2010, 01:06 PM
Alan Tipple and Alf Hambe

Bedrox Diner (ex-Casa Ventura). San Luis. 19th March (Friday). 5pm.

Occasionally the mostly Swedish but British too enjoy a knee-slapping good time being entertained by one of the Costa’s great characters; the flautist / singer Alan Tipple.

This time the entertainment and dance opportunity comes with a bonus in the shape of Alf Hambe, a 79-year old composer, singer and poet who performs throughout his native Sweden. To watch and listen to him play his Swedish folk music guitar is a never to be forgotten experience. Alf personally received the prestigious 'Art & Literature Award' from King Carl XV1 Gustaf of Sweden.

Remember to bring your digital camera. Alan Tipple and Alf Hambe: Entertainment does not get any better. Pay at the door. 5€.