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Jane C
12-16-2004, 08:52 PM
Announcing "Jack and the Palm Stalk"

to be performed (?) at the Crossroads and Newcomers Club, Olympia Restaurant, Mil Palmeras on Friday 17th December from 2.30 p.m.

Cast, not in order of stumbling onto the "stage":

Jack Spratt Laurette
Jill Spratt Brian
The Giant, Mr. Robin Bastárd Richard
Giant's sales rep, Darrena Dodgy Ina

Cry News Presenters
Jenny Tals Joan
Gordon Bennett Adey

Cry News Special Correspondent
Kate Crazy Jane

Cry News Continuity Roger "Blanket trip man"
Commercial breaks Fran from Pilar Cineclub
Gladys Gladrags, weather lady Jackie the Avon lady

Special guest appearance from Steve Hall, as himself
(a sports reporter who mustn't mention football)

Annoying and unhelpful interruptions provided by Sheila from HELP Mar Menor
Boo and Cheer leaders Sara and Emma
Chief grip and best boy Chas
Cameraman Mike

The writer of this production wishes to make it clear that no one suffered in the course of making this panto more than she did.

No responsibility can be taken for any resemblance to any real life estate agents or their representatives on the Costa Blanca.

At the same meeting we will be enjoying ...

A comic monologue from Diana Peper
Musical entertainment from Crossroads' answer to Robbie Williams
A quiz, a poem and a bumper raffle.

All for just one euro at the door. Get there early be sure of a seat.

:D :shock: :? :wink: :) :o :oops: :D :shock: :? :wink: :) :oops:

12-24-2004, 02:35 AM
hee! hee! hope theres more funny tales soon jane!!!!