View Full Version : Fantastic development of Torrevieja sports area and music college.

02-22-2011, 10:32 AM
I availed myself of the opportunity to go on inspection tour of the above two facilities in company of approximately two hundred other expats led by the mayor of Torrevieja.
It is well known he is not contesting the position in May being perfectly satisfied to name as his
successor Snr. Dolon.
Two comments to make.
1). Snr. Dolon has one hell of a contact to follow.
2). Snr. Mateo merits the highest praise for his achievements. The hospital where I was a patient for
a short time. His vision outstandingly successful. The sports centre - it is good enough to hold international athletics. The music college - I hope to attend as a spectator whenever a symphony concert is staged there. La Scala Milan has at least an equal.
Well done snr. Mateo you have richly earned your retirement.