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    Small apartment for one person needed

    A friend is looking for a small apartment for long term rental. Maximum monthly rental 400 euros.
    One bedroom or studio apartment. Any area around Torrevieja.
    I will pass any response on to her....
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    There is a Friendship Group that meets every...

    There is a Friendship Group that meets every Friday in the La Laguna Hotel just off the Lemon Tree Road that leads to Guardamar. They meet at 11am and it seems to be going well. Men and women.
  3. Villa with pool wanted to rent... July to August

    Has anyone got a villa with a pool, for two adults and three children? With WIFI, for two weeks at the end of July to beginning of August to rent? Three bedrooms.
    If not a private pool, access to...
  4. Lots of places have space for things like...

    Lots of places have space for things like this....try Casa Ventura in San Luis....they have a big Hall, and they rent out. Sorry I haven't got the Phone number, but someone will have it here on line!
  5. Thread: Day Trips

    by Wansbeck

    I think they go three days a week now, but I...

    I think they go three days a week now, but I cannot remember the third day!! Definitely still Sundays and Wednesdays for the super market there.
  6. MABS Cancer start in Torrevieja. Can you help?

    Had an email from a friend who has asked for some help for MABS......
    Can someone contact them to help start up in Torrevieja??

    ......"I've been in touch with MABS who are cancer supporters at...
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    Travel Company on here

    When I first came on this Forum I saw a travel company used on here and I checked out some flights, but now I cannot find it to do some more searching!

    What was the name of the travel company...
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