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Thread: Water quality - dreadful in the Murcia area

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    Default Water quality - dreadful in the Murcia area

    I have just bought a house in the Murcia area and cannot believe how bad the water is. It is full of calcium. I cannot get a lather when shaving in the morning; we have abandoned use of our dishwasher because the dishes and cutlery come out worse than when they went in; clothes wash very poorly. We use bottled water in the kettle otherwise tea and coffee has a scum across the top.

    We are on a new development and are not yet connected to the mains water. We are on a temporary supply provided by the builder. Some of the builder's staff say that when we get connected to the mains it will be the same water.

    Where do I start in trying to solve this problem? Do I need to carry out any tests? If so where do I need the necessary kits? Are there any international standards? Do I simply assume that a water softener is the solution or are there other options? What sort of strength of water softener do I need to consider? What sort of equipment is on offer in Spain? Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome.

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    Hi Paddy,

    What part of Murcia are you in? I live in the Murcia region and have perfectly good water, as do quite a few people I know in different parts of the region. I wonder therefore if your problem is just local. I think I would start by tackling the builders, followed by the local water company.



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