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Thread: Late evening arrivals to Alicante Airport

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    Default Late evening arrivals to Alicante Airport

    I'm arriving alone one night soon at about 10/11pm and have been warned that undesirables target lone females leaving the airport, especially on the slip road before it joins the N332. Has anyone had experience of this, heard off it, or is it just someone scare-mongering me. I'm a cautious city girl anyway, lock the car doors, extra vigilant etc. Would I be better off taking the A7 down to Orihuela Costa area?

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    Default arrivals at alicante

    they target anyone who looks vulnerable and despite all the warnings people still stop their cars for reasons best known to themselves. If a vehicle nudges you or the occupant points as if there is something wrong, Do Not Stop. If you feel you must stop then pull into a garage next to the kiosk where someone can help or dial 112 (english speakers) and tell them what is happening. Some of the posts on here lead you to believe the place is full of thieves etc but no more so than most other places these days. Take sensible precautions and you'll be fine.


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