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Thread: Running a business in a residential area.

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    Default Running a business in a residential area.

    We live opposite the outskirts of one of the Torettas. Recently a small terraced bungalow has been bought/leased by a Spanish builder who has turned the small front area of the property into a builders yard. He has erected a large!!! sign in the front advertising his services + the hiring of building equipment. My question being is this possible in a residential area bearing in mind this is an eyesore and if not what should be my next move. Advice would be appreciated.

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    Firstly, you should consult the rules regarding communal elements stated in the declaration of New Construction, Horizontal property act and also in the articles of the community of owners in order to know the possibility of having a business.

    Nevertheless, if he has changed the external appearance of the fašade, its illegality could be studied as it would go against the Horizontal Property act.

    Please contact us should you have any further question.


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