My E106 has just run out, and I was told to just go to my doctor with my Residencia, Padron, old S.I.P card, and the letter from Newcastle (in Spanish) to say we were no longer covered by the UK. They would take all the details, and a new S.I.P card would be issued in a few weeks. This would have to be repeated every 12 months. I went on Monday, and yes fine, all went to plan.

Now however, I have been told that because I am only 56, I am only covered for trips to the doctors. If I need hospital treatment etc then this has to be paid for. I've also been told that people have received bills for treatment up to 2 years later.

I have spoken to quite a few people who are the same as me. They are under 60/65, not working and in receipt of an expired E106, but have an extended S.I.P card. They all thought they had full medical cover.

Can anyone give me any advice on this as I have heard so many different stories?