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    Is it possible to find out what celebrations and fiestas are planned and when and where?

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    Essex & Almoradi


    Most of the Spanish towns have religious processions at Easter (Semana Santa) Almoradi, Orihuela, Rojales etc. There is usually a differently themed one every evening starting around 9.30 and lasting 2 or 3 hours. Take a chair!……or watch them all on local TV channel TVB (televisión vega baja)
    We watched the ones in Almoradi last Easter and it was a stunning sight – don’t miss!
    If you have kids, plonk them at the front with a plastic bag - next to the processions. The bag will be duly filled with sweets by the people in the procession passing by !

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    Default Easter 2007

    We are over from 22 March till Easter Sunday 8 April, do I understand correctly that the parades are from about 2 April up till Easter Sunday. Are they in Torrevieja at the same time.


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