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Thread: Your idea of a great bar

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    First thing DO NOT OPEN A FAKE IRISH PUB!!!! (and my wife is Irish)

    A good replica of a normal British pub would be nice.

    Select good beer (local and import) Source a wine that does not taste like demestos even if it is a bit dearer.

    Employ staff that are friendly and make you feel welcome (Aussies are good at this I'm afraid to say).

    Small giveaway bar snacks are nice (nuts, roast potatoes etc) even if it only on, say, Sunday.

    And most important as the host go out and meet your customers! The reason people have a 'Local' back home is mostly down to knowing the landlord/lady and having a loyalty between you.

    I wish you every sucess and post a note to say when you are open - I will visit for one.

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    I wish you every success in your new venture,if possible can you let me know the address and i will pop in when i am next over.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gill556
    It is about time bar owners realise that there are a lot of customers who enjoy a night out with a bit of class, why does everyone think we want quizzes, kareoke and darts, I agree, let's have somewhere where we can dress up, even holiday makers usually bring some smart clothes with them, I find it is the residents who can't be bothered to get out of their shorts
    Have to agree with gil556 and as for the decor, please do not go down the olde english pub route !! Something classy and smart .

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    HI, sorry about the late reply , been away. We will indeed be in San Pedro Del Pinatar , near to Jack and son mini mart. The address is the av de meditteranea , right near to the roundabout that goes through the salt lakes to the port.
    No idea at the moment of an opening date, have bought the unit but have to sell the house in England for the cash to fit it out. Will post an update as soon as we have any idea. Hope you will all join us for a pint or two upon opening

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    Call me old fashioned but i long for a spanish tapas bar. I have seen
    a few authentic ones with big hams hanging up. I would love to go in one but my basic spanish makes me to scared too!I dont want to go into a pub that makes me feel im in Britain i want to feel im on holiday in another country, but with the reassurance of a translation if needed.we did go to a great one in alicante 1 euro for a small cocktail stick 2 euros for a large cocktail stick, the chef kept bringing out new hot tapas he had made and offering them round, we kept the sticks and took them up to the bar at the end to pay.Tapas for the british might be worth thinking about, and i think there are a few of us that dont want steak and chips!! and a lager.


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