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Thread: Good Home wanted for Big Fat Ginger Cat

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    Default Good Home wanted for Big Fat Ginger Cat

    Please can anyone help.

    Due to a number of reasons, both work and personal, we need to relocate to India for 12 months, or possibly longer. I have always been adamant that we would take our big fat ginger cat with us, but the more I look into this, the more I wonder if I am doing the right thing.

    Going to India is fine, but it is the coming back that is the problem. In a nutshell, it seem that as India is not part of the PETS Scheme, then on returning to the EU, he would need to spend 6 months in quarantine before being allowed entry, even though his rabies jabs, etc, were all up to date. The vet initially told me this wouldn't be necessary, but it seems he was wrong about this.

    About the cat. His name is Cat (we couldn't think of anything else at the time, and it kind of stuck!!!), although he answers mostly to Puss! He is just two years old, and is a very pale ginger, who looks more like a girl cat. He has been castrated, and all his vaccinations are up to date (these have just been done). He has his passport, is microchipped and has had blood taken for the rabies test, although the 6 months is not up until the end of October.

    He is a real house cat who is more like a little old man, who likes nothing better than lolling round the house all day sleeping, apart from a few short trips into the garden to chase bugs!! He is really no bother, doesn't eat much, doesn't make a mess, doesn't pull the furniture, etc. He sleeps on a cushion next to the bed, and in the winter likes to sleep in the bed with you. He always waits till I get up before he comes downstairs with you, and the more you talk to him, the more he talks back. He is friendly and affectionate, and although not a lap cat as such, likes to come and sit on you when he wants. He is a really nice big fat cat, which comes from not being very keen to do very much!!! He just likes to be at home in the house with you.

    We have had him since he was a tiny kitten, which we found abandoned in a box at the end of the road. It will break my heart to have to leave him behind, but the last time we moved house he got really upset, and the more I think about it I know it is not fair to drag him halfway round the other side of the world, and back again, and then for him to have to go into quarantine for six months. I feel really bad even thinking about leaving him, but know it is the right thing to do for the cat. As long as someone feeds him and makes a fuss of him, I expect he probably wouldn't even notice we were gone!!!

    If anyone can help, please get in touch.

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    I can't help you personally but if you get really, really stuck I will ask the kennels manager at APAH (Campoverde) if she can take him. At least he will be fed and watered regularly and will be kept until a permanent home can be found. However, they don't find it easy to rehome adult cats and they are currently full to overflowing! APAH never put a healthy animal down!

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    do you still have cat or have you found a home.
    do you have any pics



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