Can anyone advise?

I have an apartment in Torrevieja which I do not let out and thus does not generate any income. My taxes here are straightforward and paid through an accountant arranged by Atlas.

I also have an apartment in the Canary Islands and get rental income from it. Can the tax that I would need to pay on that income be paid alongside whatever I pay here? My accountant says that I would need to get an accountant there as the tax rates my vary. Surely the tax on rental income is something he should be able to sort out. Or would it be necessary to get an accountant in the Canaries to pay the tax?

I may be operating a bit below the radar in the Canaries at the moment and I wish to sort this out. There may not be any link between me here and me in the Canaries ie I may have two separate NIE numbers (I know I should know that). Would it be better to keep it that way?

Just how interwoven is the tax regime in the Canaries with that in mainland Spain?

I realise this query is now for the casual forum browser, so any sound advice will be much appreciated.