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It Just Is...
It’s Spain, 2010. A country where it’s considered dangerous to change lanes on a roundabout , but ok to buy a chainsaw in ALDI… in It Just Is Dave Bull takes a hilarious look at life as an expat in Spain.
Why do Brits behave differently when they move to Spain? And what are the funny (and sometimes annoying) differences in culture between us and ‘them’?
Dave found out the hard (and funny) way…
At the end of 1999 Dave Bull reluctantly moved to Alicante with his wife and his 7 year old son to start a new life.
Ten years later his life has changed following his divorce and It Just Is... is a humorous account of a Dave’s life living and working in Spain as a single dad, and looking for romance, and failing miserably.
While offering advice and help to expats Dave Bull recounts his experiences which included buying a house in the middle of nowhere (powered by car batteries) and working as the editor of a local newspaper (and making appointments with dead politicians).
And… coping with a teenager (and all his mates) in the house along with a Great Dane puppy that has its own set of rules (meet Mrs Jones) means that Dave’s life is never simple as it perhaps could be.
In amongst it all he looks at how recent history has shaped modern Spain and, just as importantly, finds out just what the Spanish really think of expats!
It Just Is... is a must-read if you have any connection to Spain at all. Dave reveals the frustrations of dealing with Spanish banks, Spanish politics and Spanish lawyers. Then there’s car hire, cyclists and religion. However, generously sprinkled in amongst the fun (like a literary dandruff) he provides some sound advice to expats and those thinking of making the move to Spain as well as his dealings (good and not so good) with the Guardia Civil… and then there’s his love life…