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Thread: Telemicro NO MORE SKY MOVIES

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    Default Telemicro NO MORE SKY MOVIES

    hopefully I am starting up a real mutually frustrating issue.

    2 years ago we paid 400€+ to hook up to English TV with 2 Sky movie channels and Cannel + which was the best movie channel we had going.

    We then were offered to pay extra for National Geographic (Which now has been changed and is partly in Spanish)

    With regards to the Movie channels... well "Calle 13" you can pretty much forget about, today I tuned it on and it was in German! The other 2 "so called" movie channels are just as much a just never know what you going to get.

    I feel we have been ripped off, and I think people should stand up for what they initially paid for!
    Am I alone in feeling this way?

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    Default TV

    No, you are not alone!!!

    2 years ago, we paid 590 plus 160 for TV upstairs and we feel that we have been ripped off. Nat Geo is mainly in Spanish. After 10.00 pm Reserved 1 does not work (this is after having this channel reserved for TV Station First for 3 months odd advertising) and then obviously they could not get it off the ground and have now axed it.

    Yet another rip off in Spain!!!!!!!

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    Default Anyone who has suggestions?

    Kitty willow, it is outrageous isn't there something people can do Yesterday during the daytime I switched on the "Extreme" channel and the blinking movie was in JAPANISE!!!

    This is wrong and for one think people should stand up for themselves and make this right. We all have receipts with the listing of why don't people get together and do something?

    Thanks for your views


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