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Thread: what does La Cinuelica mean

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    I now have, from the horse's mouth (spoke to the girl in the builder's office) an explanation - bit of a let down I have to admit:

    "La Ciñuela is the name of the whole plot when we bought it, then we put the name La Ciñuelica because its sounded nice, so therefore it would be safe to say that it is a made up name. It does not have any meaning in the Spanish language."

    I don't believe La Cinuela means anything either

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    from the Spanish dictionary:


    1. f. Mur. Variedad de granada, algo más agria que la albar.

    "Variety of pomegranate, more sour than the albar variety."

    I guess the finca was originally named La Ciñuela because there were many grenade trees there, and a small part of the finca would be later called La Ciñuelica, "little ciñuela"


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