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    i am moving out sometime in march and am looking for work in the construction ind as a bricklayer can anyone help i am time served with over 20 years of experience

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    You will find that there is very little employment in expatshire. Self-employment is the norm.

    You may find of interest. This is a post I added to another board earlier :

    Adey says "It's a nice place but nobody ever said that it was going to be easy."

    No, it is NOT easy but nothing I have ever achieved in life was easy - if you think that residencia, NIE, schooling, getting employment, transferring car papers, dealing wth inefiicent/illegal agents, incompetent "gestors", expat "tradesmen" etc etc is going to be easy ....well, gee you are in for a BIG BIG shock. This will end in frustration, anger and usually loss of money.

    Why do 50% of people under retirement age go back in less than 3 years? THERE IS VIRTUALLY NO EMPLOYMENT - unless (a) you speak FLUENT Spanish and/or (B) are prepared to work for a pittance.

    Self-employment is king in expatshire BUT unless you have been employed in the UK/Sweden etc your chances of survival are still thin. I have had over 700 people work for me/with me in Spain. Perhaps 10% "made it" - some have built great little businesses. Congratulations. Many should not even have tried to make me/themselves believe they were going to try. They were kidding themselves. Most wanted to work less hours for more money in a country where they did not speak the language. They wanted to work in an amateur manner in a professional world. Guys, life is tough, life is NOT fair but how come so many expect success without work? It's only the dictionary where success comes before work or money before pain.

    The people who survive here are the people who get the information, deal with legal and recommended professional supplers, accept that No se ganˇ Zamora en una hora (Steve's sarcasm = learn Spanish), realise that they will have to be flexible and "go with the flow" If you try to beat the system YOU WILL LOSE....believe me.

    ALL THAT SAID, why should people not give it a try? If you come with the attitude that you will give it 100%, that you will take what you can out of the experience and that going back is NOT failure but just the next stage of life's journey then I think Torrevieja/Spain is a GREAT place to spend a few months/a few years/ your life. ENJOY!

    PS: If you want the sun need to know where to buy the sun-tan cream.


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