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Thread: Administrators opening a Bank Account

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    Default Administrators opening a Bank Account

    Can you tell me on average how long it should take an Administrator to open a bank account for a newly formed community and then action direct debit forms to process community fees into it?
    What is the position of residents who at the Administrators provided direct debits which have not been actioned due to the Administrator not having the account set up by the time of the calling of the next meeting of the community. We have been told that we are debtors and cannot vote I am claiming that it is due to their incompetence.?

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    The opening of a bank account is immediate, it only needs a visit to the bank and order the setting up of the direct debit for the payment of the receipts.

    The residents that have not been able to pay because of direct debits not being set up, could pay in cash to the administrator previous to the next meeting of the community or at the meeting.

    For further information, please contact us.


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