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Thread: Auditorio - Conservatorio Torrevieja: Any Performances There?

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    Default Auditorio - Conservatorio Torrevieja: Any Performances There?

    I read with great interest of the opening earlier this year of the Torrevieja Auditorio-Conservatorio, linked to, or part of, the University of Alicante, as I understand it.

    This impressive building, apparently, has a magnificent auditorium for musical performance with space of 1,350 or so seats. In addition there is a smaller auditorium of 300+ spaces.

    This is really excellent and I would love to actually go into the building and attend concerts there.
    HOWEVER I have yet to see ANY musical performance there advertised and open to the public.
    Why is this? Does anybody know?

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    Yes! I had via email this morning:

    Dear friend,
    We send herewith the poster next New Year's Concert-Reyes will offer our Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra on January 6, 2013 at 19:00 in the New International Conservatory Auditorium Torrevieja (Alicante).
    The program integrates Waltzes, Polkas, etc.. Typical of these dates.
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and New Year 2013.
    Best regards.

    I understand tickets are on sale from the theatre box office in town.

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    I'm here in Spain


    I got mine from servicam but still looking for a CAM bank with the machine to print them out anyone know where there is one ?
    For info I found out you have to go onto the SabadellCAM on Vista Algre there is a small machine next to the cashpoint you put the card you booked the tickets on & out they come easy peasy.
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