Starting on 4th August we will be running two different intensive Spanish courses. Both course last a total of 24 hours, over 12 days, and will personally be taught by Jane Cronin at the Essential Spanish Essential English academy in San Pedro del Pinatar.

Essential Spanish is designed to take you on from beginners and teach you how to start piecing the language together. Subjects covered include verbs in infinitive, 1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular words (I, you and he, she and it) time and place, sports and pastimes, describing people, open questions and many, many more.

Elementary Spanish encourages those with a basic knowledge of Spanish to communicate with more confidence and fluency. It explains the use of verbs in the present tense as well as other simple tenses all of which are placed in useful and meaningful contexts and used to communicate.

The courses are priced at 8,50 euro per hour, which is 204 euro in total and payable in advance. For more information click HERE or call 968 18 32 58 Monday - Thursday between 10am - 2pm.