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Thread: Orihuela Costa - no public services, no amenities and a dump

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    Default Enjoy a paddle in Orihuela Costa

    Raw Sewage Spreads
    The first autumn rains which fell on 24th and 28th September were again sufficient to send sewage cascading down the streets of Orihuela Costa and with forecasts of even more stormy weather over this coming weekend, residents are fearing the worst.

    The much reported metre high manholes in Calle Lapuslazuli, once again blew and disgorged their foul contents into the neighbouring barranco and down onto the beach at La Zenia and those using the beach, which is still crowded on sunny days, were obviously unaware that they and their children might be sitting on and playing on highly contaminated sand. A spokesman for Orihuela opposition party, C.L.A.R.O, told Round Town news; “There was not a word of warning from the Orihuela authorities, who are only interested in removing the visible signs as soon as possible. The residents in Calle Lapuslazuli, who suffer the most, and have to clear up and repair the broken manholes themselves, are still waiting for Councillor Aniorte and his staff to honour their promise, repeated endlessly throughout the year, that the problem would soon be solved.”

    Rivers of Raw Sewage
    Reports and photos, in particular those from the widely read Spanish newspaper Informacion, show that the problem is getting worse and is now occuring in many other areas of Orihuela Costa. Their report highlighted the dilapidated pumping station in El Horizonte, which never fails to break down when it rains and which the Town Hall has repeatedly promised would be repaired. The station produces rivers of raw sewage and rainwater which run past the Civic Centre and the Flamenca Beach Commercial Centre, down Las Piscinas barranco and to the beach in Playa Flamenca, where the European Blue flag flies despite the regular contamination which occurs when it rains. A sewage spill also occurred at the pumping station in La Regia, close to the Cabo Roig roundabout. This pumping station has been smelling foully on a daily basis for decades, a sure sign that it needs repair or renewal.

    Niagara Sewage Falls
    The C.L.A.R.O Spokesman commented; “The problem has been totally ignored by the Town Hall for decades, so it is no surprise that when it rains there is a spectacular sewage spill.” He continued; “We have eye witness reports of extensive sewages spill which occurred between Punta Prima, along the N332, past the Civic Centre and up to Calle Niagara.” According to the witness reports, people were wading through essentially raw sewage in order to get to their homes. One commented; “The smell was awful.” One lady reportedly got a rash on her legs after walking through the water. She said; “Niagara Sewage Falls is what residents are now calling Calle Niagara.” C.L.A.R.O asked; “When is Orihuela Town Hall going to take action to solve this serious and shameful problem, which is getting worse? Why don’t they come up with a big project to renew the deficient sewage system on Orihuela Costa? They have ambitious projects for Orihuela city which are being handsomely financed from the taxes and rate contributions from the one-third of the total municipality population which actually live on the deprived Orihuela Costa.”

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    Great article in the Indy a couple of weeks ago and every bit of it true. What a bloody tip Orihuela Costa is !


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