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Thread: 80 year old forced to sell his house

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    Default 80 year old forced to sell his house

    An 80 year British man, resident in Spain, is being divorced by his wife here in Spain. His wife, who is about 15 years younger, left him about 4 years ago, took his money and returned to the UK with a British neighbour. The neighbour has now sold his Spanish house, bought a house in theUK and is currently living there with the estranged wife.

    The 80 Year old man has now been told by his lawyer that he must put his house up for sale by auction and the money will be divided between them, leaving him homeless. At this time, the sale price of the house is likely to be very low (approx 125.000Euro), his half of this would not be sufficient to purchase another property. He does not have significant savings or sufficient income to rent a property.

    This poor man is distressed and confused. He is in tears most days, fearing for the future for him and his dog.
    Would the Spanish court really allow this to happen to an old man? Surely they would allow him to live out the remainder of his days in his house and the property to be sold and divided after his death.

    Can you please give any help or advice to this poor man before this situation kills him or he loses his home to a very wicked woman?

    Thanks DavidB

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    Default 80 year old forced to sell his house

    We are unaware of the core of this matter and at what stage it is, however being older than 80 years does not mean having more rights that another person.

    We would require to have more details in order to study the whole situation, so that we could provide you our assistance.


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