NOT ONLY IS THIS WOMAN SQUATTER STILL IN RESIDENCE,AFTER BREAKING IN. Now she has two children in,, also a man,plus (4) DOGS, in a one bed dwelling, Zona 4,Calle Salvador Dali, No 16 El Chapparal, Has continually cut into water supplies,also stolen electric by getting her accomplices to by -pass the aforesaid (no.16) wires to someone elses meter, and letting her companions(not the dogs ,but also!) relieve their human excrement in the neighboring gardens/dwelling.When walking these 4 large dogs (unable to control) one attacked another,smaller dog ,it was retrieved by her and went on to attack a young lady walking with her mother ,biting her leg( luckily the young lady had on leather boots) it didn,t penetrate ,(This time) SO MAKE SURE ALL RESIDENTS ARE AWARE OF THESE INFILTRATERS with FOUR AGGRESIVE UNCONTROLLABLE DOGS AND MAKE SURE YOUR VALUABLES + Sheds have been secured and if attacked by her Dogs ,call 112 and report ,these offenders must be moved away!! IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE LAW WOULD LOOK AFTER THE PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR WAGES & enforce the law , would,nt it????