Everyman in this world probably dreams of owing a house of his own or rather to have a house at least, which best suits his nature and character. In this case the house is a bit personified; in the sense that it act as a co-partner for the human. For many people in this world a house has become something more than a mere asylum. Many philosophers were also heard saying that their houses speak to them. A house not only protects human but also, it is a place which might be the only witness other than God, of almost all humanistic activities. A house may not have life but it rather resembles of having the same and at the same time sustains to have life in it.

It is the builder who gives life to the dream of the customer which might be a mixture of many confused ideas and specifications. The hard work, dedication, skill and the performance make a builder trustworthy among the people. A good builder will always be conscious of his customers well being. Maintaining the productivity and the quality control also falls on the part of the builder which makes his job a bit risky as well. Above all for a good design to be born a builder should have the panache for building itself.

For a new Builder Washington DC will be the wonderland of Alice, as he might find immense scope for his caliber and exclusivity. Humans get easily accustomed with the new house and thus it is the builder’s responsibility to create a design at the convenience of the customer. Each and every square feet of the house should be maintained with utmost care and delicacy, which will add beauty to the house as a whole. To be a bit metaphysical, when one, after his hot days toil returns back, the home should welcome him with a smile. The design should be simple, which is mostly preferred. A good builder will always make the customer aware of the requirements and non-requirements. Thus above all it is the builder who helps in generating harmony in a house.