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Thread: AGM - Legal or not ?

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    Default AGM - Legal or not ?

    We had our AGM at the weekend and the meeting started, in Spanish, with all of the Spanish owners "voting" that the proceedings would be carried out totally in Spanish without the need for the attending translator to convert any proposals into English.

    This proposal was put forth and voted upon in Spanish, by the Spanish !! The first the other nationalities knew about this was when they were informed of this so called "vote" by the "Translator" (as supplied by the Administrators). He simply turned to them and stated that no translation would be forthcoming - as voted upon by the Spanish owners !

    This proposal was not in the Minutes of the Meeting whatsoever. In the last 2 meetings, this same translator converted all conversations into English, French and German.

    Can this AGM be considered legal if we are not told what is going on in the meeting and the Spanish are voting on matters which effect us all?

    If anyone can shed a legal light on this one I would be very grateful.

    Su Kelly

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    It is not compulsory to the Community of Owners to provide the services of an interpreter, unless this is shown in the Constitutive Title Deeds (Title Deeds of New Building) or in the Articles of Association of the Community of Owners.
    Nevertheless, owners have the right to attend the meetings with a private interpreter, should the case be that the owner does not understand the Language in which the meeting is held and at his own expense.

    We remain at your entire disposal to any matter you require.


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