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Thread: Banning of non-residents cars

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    Default Banning of non-residents cars

    Is it legal for a Community Annual Meeting to vote to ban non-resident owners, or their guests from bringing their cars onto the community?

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    First of all, and in order to provide you with a response, we understand that the community of owners has a specific parking area. Should it be so, you, as owner of the house or persons staying at your property with your permission, have the same right to use the parking area than the other owners, without any distinction.
    On the other hand, if there were an agreement of the community which bans non residents to park their cars in the said area, you should oppose it at the Spanish Courts because that agreement would be against the law. Please note that you should inform the Community of your disagreement previously.

    We will be pleased to attend you at our offices in Torrevieja if you wish to have more information.


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